Handcrafted Appetizers

Simple, great tasting and convenience

4 product ranges according to 4 different convenience ways of elaboration:


  • Deep Fryer
  • Steam Cooking
  • Oven
  • Grill


TIME SAVING SOLUTIONS: All of them with a preparation time between 5 and 10 minutes.


APPETIZERS Steam Cooking 

Try our Gyozas and Gua Baos. These Japanese-Peruvian Fusion Delicatessen, with their characteristic explosion of flavours and textures, will surprise your customers.


With Steam Cooking, an Asian Traditional technique, you will keep Food Nutritional Properties intact. We recommend you to use an Electric or Bamboo Steamer, or a Food Processor or Steam Oven, and also doing a Show-Cooking in front of your clients.


We have 4 Fusion Flavors options for you:

– Fresh Vegetables with Tiger Milk (Veggie)

– Shrimps with Citrus Curry

– Pork Cheeks with Kimchee Sauce

– Oxtail with Hoisin Sauce