Creamy Croquettes


In Spain we all say that my grandmother’s croquettes are the best… Our Creamy Croquettes are a Gastronomic Delight, elaborated in a handcrafted way. You will be surprised by its cremosity and the explosion of flavours with every bite.


The typical Spanish Tapa, in 8 Original and Unique Combinations, ideal for Catering, Events, Restaurants, Bars and Hotels.


We have 8 Croquettes Options for you:


  • Spanish Ham
  • Boletus
  • Cured Beef Meat and Piquillo peppers
  • Spanish Chorizo
  • Cod
  • Iberian Ham
  • Oxtail
  • Baby Cuttlefish in their own ink
croq cremosa de cecina1

Cooking Instructions

1- Keep frozen. Do not previously thaw

2- Fry in very hot oil until it’s browned


Foodservice: 4 Kg per box/ 1 kg Bags

Retail: 12 trays per box / 6 pieces per tray


Keep Frozen (-18ºC)

Shelf life

24 months