Main Courses

Discover our delicious main courses and surprise your customers 

Do not worry about the most laborious tasks of your day to day and focus on letting your imagination fly. Our Main Courses allow you to bring your unique and personal touch to surprise your customers. Oxtail Millefeuille with slices of Manchego cheese, Wellington Pork cheek or Confit Pork Knuckle.


We loved the preparations and combinations we have made with a product as sophisticated and gourmet as the Rulo (Rouelau). We have several amazing options, Oxtail Rouleau, Beef Cheek Rouleau, Pork Rouleau or Pork trotters Rouleau.


Luxury Tapas produces and markets main courses that are prepared with the utmost care and the highest quality standards. Furthermore, we work with renowned distributors in the Catering, Hotels & Restaurants – HORECA.

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