Slow-Cooked BBQ Ribs

Traditional Pork Ribs recipe as you have never tasted it before. These low and slow BBQ ribs are roasted slowly, on low heat to produce the most succulent bbq ribs ever! Our Pork Ribs are juiciy, tender and covered with our delicious barbecue sauce that will surprise you in every bite. The ideal main course for lunch or dinner.

Cooking Instructions

1- It’s recommended defrosting it before baking

2- Bake at 180ºC/200ºC for 10/15 minutes

3- Serve, covered with their own sauce


* MICROWAVE OPTION: Drill the covering film, and heat it in the microwave at maximum power, for 3/5 minutes


8 vacuum-bags per box / 550g per vacuum-bag



Freezing (-18°C)


Expiration Date

24 months