Slow-Cooked Pulled Terrines

Our Slow-Cooked Pulled Terrines will surprise you for their sweetness, juiciness and crunchy texture. You will only have to semi-defrost, cut into portions according to your preferences or needs, and brown it in a frying pan or grill. You will be able to create original and tasty dishes, at the same time that you reduce cooking time and bring agility to your kitchen, something essential for High Demand restaurants.


We have 4 Slow-Cooked Pulled Terrines options for you:


  • Confit Oxtail (900g)
  • Confit Spanish Lamb (900g / 150g)
  • Confit Suckling Pig  (900g / 150g)
  • Confit Pork Knuckle (+650g)

Cooking Instructions

1- Semi-defrost and cut into portions, according to your preferences

2- Brown it in a grill or frying pan before serving



4 pieces per box / 900 grams per piece

*Pork Knuckle: 10 pieces per box / +650 grams per piece

*Suckling Lamb / Suckling Pig (150 g): 4 trays per box (8 units per tray)


Freezing (-18°C)

Expiration Date

24 months