About us


Luxury Tapas is a leading premium Spanish company specializing in the artisan creation of tapas, appetizers and semi-finished meals that only require minimal preparation and a bit of personal touch before they are ready to be served.


Our roots and our origins are based in the foodservice business and our first objective is to provide convenience, profitable and innovative solutions to our clients. AGILITY  in the kitchen, COST CONTROL and PROCESS OPTIMIZATION are our main goals when we create a new product.


Our products are prepared by our chefs in our kitchens ready to be served in 5 to 10 minutes after adding your own personal touch. A perfect solution for catered events, weddings, ceremonies, business meetings and conventions.




The beginning of our activity dates back to the twentieth century (1922) when our grandmother started to elaborate traditional recipes.


Successively we opened our first restaurants specializing in the artisan creation of tapas and appetizers but it was not until 1996 when we decided to create this successful company project.


Since then, our range of products, numbers of sales and R&D expenses have grown in an exponential and parallel way.


Nowadays, our enterprise has a relevant position in the European food sector and operates at national and international level, counting on an important and high profile client portfolio such as METRO Group, CNUDDE, DELTA Hamburg, PNM Gourmet or TWF-Fraidis.

  • 1922 First traditional recipes
  • 1950s Opening the first restaurants
  • 1960s First artisanal ready meals
  • 1980s Opening new restaurants and Highway rest areas
  • 1996 Creation of the company and factory construction
  • 2000 Launch of a range of frozen appetizers
  • 2004 Factory premises size is doubled (3,500m²)
  • 2010 Entry into the Italian market
  • 2012 Entry into German market and Portuguese market
  • 2014 Entry into French, Belgian and Dutch markets
  • 2016 Innovative Lollipops line Launching
  • 2017 Factory premises increases to 3900 m²
  • 2018 Entry into British market
  • 2020 New facilities for Appetizers and Ready Meals