Luxury Tapas, synonymous of Haute Food-Couture and Food-safety


Selected ingredients and with Food-safety guarantee


We select raw materials with Food-safety guarantee and focusing on those of our region, thus providing our appetizers, preserves and dishes with greater authenticity and tradition. Raw materials with “Denominations of Origin, Protected Geographical Indications, Guaranteed Traditional Specialties, Collective Marks and Organic Farming”, mostly linked to a specific geographical area.

Artisan production in modern facilities


Our factory is a large kitchen with modern facilities, equipment and machinery of high technological level, which together with rigorous quality processes and a team of skilled artisan chefs, with vast experience and passion, create unique pieces considered Spanish gastronomic delights for the world. We have a wide range of appetizers, lollipops and high quality preserved dishes, made only with natural ingredients, ideal for any type of celebration or event.


Packaging and distribution processes


We are constantly searching for new packaging methods that ensure that the Luxury Tapas frozen foods are guaranteed by their hermeticity and resistance during the integrity of its shelf life. We design attractive, functional containers that become a sales tool for distributors and retailers.

Our factory complies with the Food Safety Standard HACCP as we carry out all established processes to ensure the safety of the products we manufacture, always respecting the specifications of our customers.