Slow-Cooked Stewed Boneless Oxtail

With our Stewed Boneless Oxtail you can unleash your creativity, and mold it as you like.


It is a crumbled boneless product, which brings your dishes as many options as you can imagine. Use it as a filling or prepare a Parmentier of mashed potato with crumbled tail on top, decorated with care and style. You could also serve it with vegetables or pumpkins.



Cooking Instructions

1- Drill the covering film in different points

2- Heat in the microwave (800W) for about 7 minutes

3- Open the film and move gently before serving


Retail: 12 trays per box / 230 g per tray

Foodservice: 2 trays per box / 3 kg per tray


Freezing (-18°C)

Expiration Date

24 months