Slow-Roasted Suckling Lamb

Tender, juicy and slowly cooked at low temperature by our Chefs, our Suckling Lamb Shoulder it is the Star Dish for every Restaurant. Easy and quick to prepare (only 10/15 minutes), it is perfect for customers looking for a first quality meal, and suitable for any garnish that you like

Cooking Instructions

1- It’s recommended defrosting it before baking

2- Take the product out of the bag. Remove the meat juice, and pour it into a bowl to heat it, using it later to drizzle the meat before serving

3- Bake the meat at 180ºC / 200ºC for 10/15 minutes

4- Serve the meat, drizzled with its own juice


6 vacuum-bags per box / 500g per vacuum-bag


Freezing (-18°C)


Shelf life

24 months