Slow-Cooked Confit Cheeks


Our Confit Cheeks are a gastronomic delight. They are slow-braised for several hours in vacuum-bags with just a bit of salt and pepper. No more ingredients, no additives. Just meat and extremely tender after this long-term cooking process.


You can use it as the main ingredient for several recipes: adding it with beetroot and hummus, with salsa verde, making a Lasagna or with parsnip puree, with Parmesan Polenta, making a Cheeks and greens pot pie. etc.


We have 2 Slow-Cooked Confit Cheeks options for you:


  • Confit Pork Cheeks
  • Confit Beef Cheeks

Cooking Instructions

1- Previously thaw

2- Heat, with the bag, in a bain-marie (water bath) or in the microwave (800W) for 2-3 minutes. Cut into Medallions or as you prefer, and serve



  • Pork: 6 units per box / 1kg per bag
  • Beef: 8 units per box / 450g per bag


Freezing (-18°C)

Expiration Date

24 months